Seed in the prayer, by UOMO D’AFFARI. I have been in church since I was a kid, grew up in a Christian family and experienced the power and love of God multiple times. Since I have moved to London, life has been a struggle, financially, emotionally and physically, nonethele...
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Scarred for life?

October 25, 2018
When I was 11 years old I lived with my mother and my first stepfather called Michael, in a small council house in Hullbridge, Essex… By the time the summer of 1978 had arrived, my relationship with Michael had completely broken down. During many confrontations we th...
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Grace Junkie

July 26, 2018
Grace Junkie When I was born, I was the product of the sexual revolution in the sixties. My parents threw themselves into the world of free love and sex, and I was the result. My father denied I was his, and my mother became a drug addict. One of my earliest memories was of ...
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