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Be the Supplier not the Consumer

Seed in the prayer, by UOMO D’AFFARI. I have been in church since I was a kid, grew up in a Christian family and experienced the power and love of God multiple times. Since I have moved to London, life has been a struggle, financially, emotionally and physically, nonetheless spiritually I have just been growing and building my relationship with the Almighty. I have recently ( 2nd of November 2018 ) started my clothing line: UOMO♠️D’AFFARI.  My first aim with this brand is to share t...

March 6, 2019

Scarred for life?

When I was 11 years old I lived with my mother and my first stepfather called Michael, in a small council house in Hullbridge, Essex… By the time the summer of 1978 had arrived, my relationship with Michael had completely broken down. During many confrontations we threatened to kill each other. Sometimes in the middle of the night I would wake up with a fright and see Michael standing over me, menacingly, holding a weapon. Other times he would just wake me to belt me across the face and ...

October 25, 2018

Grace Junkie

Grace Junkie When I was born, I was the product of the sexual revolution in the sixties. My parents threw themselves into the world of free love and sex, and I was the result. My father denied I was his, and my mother became a drug addict. One of my earliest memories was of my mother lying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood. As a six year old, I ran to my next door neighbor crying out for help. As I watched the ambulance drive my mother away, my neighbor leaned down and said to me, “She...

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