Be the Supplier not the Consumer

Uomo D'Affari

Uomo D'Affari

Seed in the prayer, by UOMO D’AFFARI.

I have been in church since I was a kid, grew up in a Christian family and experienced the power and love of God multiple times.

Since I have moved to London, life has been a struggle, financially, emotionally and physically, nonetheless spiritually I have just been growing and building my relationship with the Almighty.

I have recently ( 2nd of November 2018 ) started my clothing line: UOMO♠️D’AFFARI. 

My first aim with this brand is to share the word of God, obviously on the front of the jumper it’s me, Youri, but who got my back ? MT: 6-31-34 and who got me right? LUKE 10:19

Whoever wears this jumper shall feel confident with his decisions and not worried because Jesus Christ got you, I know all the materials things are going to stay and we are going to die, but meanwhile there is music, dance to share His WORD so these clothes are His too.

I am Youri Nganseu, businessman, artist or as I always say: “ Sono un UOMO D’AFFARI, ARTISTA, RICCO & BENEDETTO!

I have started one month ago, but I had the vision 3 years ago and first time I have desired for a logo on my shirt was in my early years of life, music is my passion, but Adonai doesn’t put limits,
so either one or the other, I’ll still share His message.

As I am speaking in the present, future things, I am in the now, but I am prophesying for tomorrow, only God Knows, but word of your own mouth is powerful too.